Daily Love & Appreciation – a shortcut to happiness

Paying attention to the positive experiences we have and the things we enjoy in our lives not only feels good, but also improves our well-being. Research by the Institute of HeartMath shows that strong positive feelings like love and appreciation boost energy, cognitive abilities, and the immune system.

Numerous studies within the field of positive psychology report benefits such as increased happiness, reduced stress, reduced depression, and increased overall satisfaction with life situations and social relationships amongst people with a grateful/appreciative mindset.

Research also suggests that counting your blessings on a daily basis in a gratitude journal is an effective exercise with a long-lasting effect on your mood.

Most people want to appreciate their lives, but sometimes a little help is needed. The app is designed to make the process of positive reflecting easier. With guidance covering 20 categories, each containing colorful illustrations, short texts and inspirational words, it’s easier to look back over your day and recall which moments and things you’ve enjoyed. In a study by A Wood et al., it became evident that people with a grateful/appreciative mindset sleep better due to the fact that they think more positive thoughts just before going to sleep. The Daily Love & Appreciation Guidance app is ideal for use as part of a bedtime routine for both children and adults.

The Daily Love & Appreciation Guidance app is ideal for use as part of a bedtime routine for both children and adults. Important The purpose of the app is to provide the user with inspiration. The app is not intended to be used as treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems, or as a substitute for professional healthcare. The user is responsible for any use of the product.


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