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FAQ General

Can I use the app on my iPad?

Yes, but the app is designed for iPhone.

Why can I only schedule one thought at a time?

Due to technical limitations, only 64 notifications can be set at a time.

How do I access the 18 pickers?

Swipe with your finger between the six pickers per topic, in the Pick Thought mode.

Is the application available in my language?

The app content is in English only. We might make localized versions in the future, so keep an eye open!

Who designed the patterns?

Anna Sköld

Who designed the interface?

Anna Sköld

Who developed the app?

Stefan Nilsson

What’s the font used in the headings?

Mishka is the name of this beautiful script. It was designed by Emil Bertell.

I can’t find the answer to my question here; who do I contact?

For inquiries regarding support or app development, please send an email to:

For inquiries regarding images, design and marketing, please send an email to:

Saving & Printing

How do I use thought cards saved as background?

When you press Save as background, the app creates two images in Camera Roll. One with the background pattern only, to be used as a background on Home Screen, and one with your designed thought card and background, intended for the Lock Screen. Go to Photos or Camera and select the image you want to use. Press the share button and select “Use as Wallpaper”. Follow the instructions.

How do I set up a printer?

You need a printer that supports AirPrint or a program like FingerPrint installed on the computer connected to the printer.

What resolution do the thought cards have?

* Print: 1160 X 1160 px

* Save to Cam Roll: 1160 X 1160 px

* E-mail: 600 X 600 px


I have multiple Twitter accounts; can I choose which account I want to tweet from?

Yes. Save your thought card. Go to My Collection view. Tap on the thought card in Collection view, and press the Twitter button. Turn your device to portrait view. Now you can choose your account for the tweet.

How can I use thought cards in other applications?

Simply save your thought card to your cam roll, and use it in other applications.

How can I send the thought cards in a message?

Save to your cam roll, and include your thought card in your message. Access the thought card from Camera Roll or Photos.

How am I allowed to share or distribute the media created with the app?

The media made with the Thoughtful app is for personal use only. The media may not be resold or used in advertising or marketing material. Please send an email to if you have any questions.

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