Deck of cards

“I cry among Kings and Jokers
and show anyone my hand
I lie among Aces and Jacks
like a wild card from a cut-throat game
I ain’t got much to hide
And I ain’t got much to lose
I still want hearts and diamonds
But I prefer playing by my own set of rules”


A will of her own

The Story said NO. Twice (or a couple of hundred times).
”I will not be written or told just because you have words like Radioactive and Isolation on the tip of your tongue. I’m not that kind of a Story”.
She obviously had a will of her own, so I had to let her be. Untold.
”I might as well go back to dancing with unicorns and fantasy friends then”, I replied somewhat relieved.
”Yeah, you do that patient one, cause it ain’t gonna happen”


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